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Saving ourselves from the summer heat, or how to choose an air conditioner

We would like to share some useful information and pieces of advice, which will help you to choose the right conditioner quickly and make really justified purchase.


The main operation modes of conditioners 


  1. Cooling 


This mode provides cyclic switching on/off of the device and due to it keeping the desirable temperature (it does not concern inverter-type conditioners). The deviation of actual values from the set temperature can be no more than 0.5 °C. 


  1. Heating


Air conditioners capable of heating operation may be specified in manufacturers’ documentation as follows: “cooling-heating”, “heat-cold”, “heat pump”, and “reversible air conditioner”.


These units, while costing more than traditional units, not only cool the air in summer but can also heat it in fall and spring. 


The lower the temperature outside, the less efficient the heating will be with an air conditioner. That is why it is not recommended to turn on the heating function if the temperature outside drops below -7°C for classic models and -15°C for inverter models. Although there are some exceptions: some modern devices can work for heating even in 30-degree frosts. These are the so-called air-to-air heat pumps.


  1. Ventilation


There is an opinion that any air conditioner is able not only to cool a room but also to provide proper ventilation, though it is not quite true. Only ducted models provide a complete supply of fresh air inside rooms. Window devices can do it partially (about 10%), as well as some models of cassette and column split systems.


Ordinary wall-mounted conditioners in the ventilation mode only disperse and purify the air inside the premise, but do not deliver it from the street. The exception is the Ururu Sarara model, which was developed by Daikin. 


  1. Dehumidification


You can prevent condensation from accumulating on the surfaces of various items indoors by activating the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner.


The humidity can also be reduced in “cooling” mode, but only the “dehumidification” function is capable of “removing” condensation without significantly lowering the temperature in the room. This mode starts the air conditioner when the room temperature exceeds the set value by 1°C and turns it off when the temperature drops by 0.5°C below the set value.


Features of air conditioners with heating functions


Cooling and heating are the main and most important functions of an air conditioner, which must perform smoothly. And while everything is more or less clear with cooling, a few words should be added about heating.


It is most advisable to switch on a heating mode in most air conditioners in autumn and spring when the temperature outside does not fall lower than -5°C. In conditions of more serious frosts the properties of compressor oil and freon change which leads to an increase in the probability of breakage and rate of wearing of the device during its start-up and operation. 


In order for the device could heat in winter, it is equipped with a special block, which controls the work of the fan and heats the separate elements of the installation. But heating with an air conditioner is not always rational: when the temperature outside drops below -20°C the unit will consume approximately three times more energy for heating than it would have done in typical autumn weather.


Electrolux was able to go beyond the existing rules and created a heat pump that can provide full and efficient heating, even at -30 °C.


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