Condensation does not drip from the air conditioner: 2 ways to clean the drain tube

When should condensation not drip?


The main option: in winter during heating operation. In this case, condensation does not form in the indoor unit, and the drainage exit to the street remains dry. However, with this method of operation of climate technology, you should not relax, because water is formed in the external unit. There is also a tray and tube that can freeze. Such problems can lead to damage to the components of the air conditioner. To avoid them, buy a drainage heater — part of the winter kit.


For regions where the air temperature can drop below -20, manufacturers produce inverter air conditioners designed for operation in severe frost. The complete set of such equipment includes pan and crankcase heaters, and additional cooling circuits. They have a defrost mode and a smooth start of the compressor, and the rotation of the fans is regulated. Units equipped with winter operation in mind do not cause any trouble. The only negative point is that a hill of ice forms under the external block on frosty days.


In any case, when the room is heated, condensate does not drip from the tube of the indoor unit, with air conditioners this happens only during cooling operation.


Before turning on the air conditioner in the winter, check the restrictions in the instructions.


In the summer, water will not drip if:


– The air conditioner works in fan mode. Condensation does not form.

– The difference between the temperature outside and the remote control is up to 4-7 degrees. A small amount of condensate forms, and the water dries up in the drainage system.

– The unit just started working after a long period of downtime. The tray is not full yet.


Why the air conditioner does not drip from the pipe: possible reasons


  1. Clogging sometimes occurs due to an unfavorable microclimate inside the room. The air conditioner is protected from dust and other contamination by filters, but they do not save 100%. If the indoor unit is installed in the kitchen, grease may still enter the drain tray. If there are pets, animal fur. Falling asleep from the inside does not happen quickly. If the tube is clogged in the first years of operation, this is not the reason.


  1. Clogging on the outside. The main reason is wasps. Insects flock to the tube in search of water in the summer. The case is sometimes not limited to the watering hole: wasps build a temporary shelter by sealing the drain. Also, from the side of the street, the drainage can be clogged with poplar fluff if tall trees grow nearby.


  1. The appearance of fungus or other microorganisms in the tube or drainage tray.


In winter, first of all, it is worth sinning against the cold. Why does water not drip from the air conditioner tube during operation in the cold in the cooling mode? The drain has frozen, and the ice that has formed is blocking the flow. To avoid freezing, heating elements are installed or condensate drainage is organized into the sewer inside the room.


Water does not drip from the air conditioner: drainage cleaning technologies


If the air conditioner works cold, but the drain pipe is dry, there are 2 options: blockage or the pipe has moved away from the indoor unit.


In 99% of cases, you have to deal with the first option. The reasons that lead to the lack of drainage are described in the first section of the article. The problem is solved by cleaning the tube.


Cleaning from the street


The main advantage of this option is that you do not need to remove the cover from the air conditioner. The disadvantage is that the resulting traffic jam has to be influenced from the side in which it should exit. For residents of high-rise buildings, this method is problematic due to difficulties with access to drainage. An option for the lazy is to lightly tap the tube with a stick. Perhaps the blockage will fall out.


If the air conditioner is on the 1st floor, it is easy to reach the tube. For cleaning, for example, a piece of a cable whose diameter is 2 times smaller than the drainage hole is suitable. If the blockage is within sight, you can split it with a wire. Be careful not to damage the tube. Another option is to pull the plug with a pump.


Cleaning from the side of the apartment


First of all, you need to remove the air conditioner cover and get to the drain tray. The next step is to remove water from it, for example, with the help of hoses. After that, you can start cleaning. Here you can especially not be shy, boldly pushing the traffic jam to the exit. To do this, use a 2-3-wire electrical or stronger television cable. The length of the tool should be greater than the length of the drain. A metal cable or wire is not the best option as it can damage the tube.


If, despite all efforts, water does not drip from the air conditioner, call an SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning expert or try the last resort – the use of aggressive chemicals, for example, soluble granules. Along with cleaning the drain, you can do prevention: drive away dust from inaccessible places, organize filters, etc. The reverse approach is also possible: to include tube cleaning in preventive works. It is easier to walk through it until it is finally clogged than to break through the blockage.


In conclusion, a few words about the situation when the air conditioner does not drip and does not cool. In this case, the lack of flow ceases to be the main symptom. If the split system refuses to generate cold in the summer, it can be due to many reasons, for example, the leakage of freon.


Don’t delay your air conditioner repair. Do not forget that repairing is much easier and cheaper immediately after a breakdown occurs. If your air conditioner is working, but making strange noises or not cooling the room enough, it means it’s time to contact the technicians.


Do not wait until the air conditioner is completely out of order. In the case of untimely repairs, there is a very high possibility that a long complex repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, CA will bring great discomfort to the whole family. But by calling the masters from SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning you can avoid this problem.


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