Where to hang air conditioner in a 1-room and 2-room apartment

To make the optimal microclimate in the room you need to choose the climate technique of appropriate power, not to be mistaken with the place of installation, and perform a competent installation.


To choose willingly help in the store, the buyer only has to indicate the place of installation. It is very important to have a clear understanding of how to place the air conditioner blocks properly since the reinstallation of climate equipment is a difficult and expensive event.


How to choose a place for air conditioning: General Rules


Regardless of the specificity of the premises, the following rules must be followed:


  1. Restrictions on the length of transportation of the refrigerant and the difference in the height of installation of the split system.
  2. There are no obstacles that limit the distribution of airflow.
  3. It is possible to provide condensation. Drainage can be self-influential or forced. In the second case, install a pump for condensation.
  4. Lack of direct sunlight.
  5. The distance to the ceiling and furniture installed from the bottom is maintained. The TV and other electrical engineering are at least 1 meter, otherwise, the air conditioner may be crazy.
  6. There is a possibility of sanitary cleaning and service.


Where to hang the air conditioner in the apartment


Luxury species sometimes open from the high -rise buildings, but it is not always convenient to live in such a house. The upper floors of the heights do not fall under the protection of the crowns of trees, and at the top also the heat goes from the roof. Split systems are installed to ensure comfort. If you hang air conditioners anywhere, it can cause frequent colds. The prolonged exposure to the cold air flow on the burned street is easily sent to the hospital bed.


In one-room


The kitchen in a one-room apartment can usually not boast large quadratures. The 3×3 room does not always make it easy to hang the air conditioner. Another thing is the bedroom. In the summer, the split system will make the rest much more comfortable than the fan or simple ventilation. Therefore, the question of where in the bedroom is better to install air conditioning is very relevant. Criteria for installation placed in the order of priority:


– doesn’t blow on a bed,

– close to the outer wall of the house,

– Do not blow in the direction of the door.


The last criterion is the least important. Some will not consider inconvenience if, at the entrance to the bedroom, it will meet a stream of cold air. When choosing a place of installation, take into account not only the direct ingress of the breathing split system but also the reflection from the wall.


The principles of choosing the place of installation in the kitchen are the same, only in it other locations that should not be strongly struck. These are cooking and eating areas.


There is also a hallway installation option. It is good in that it allows to condition of both the bedroom and the kitchen. However, such a plan is not always possible, as it may be not enough square. The length of the trails leading to the outer block will also increase. Although the idea itself is good: they closed the door to the kitchen – cold air goes to the bedroom, and vice versa.


In two-room


In a two-room apartment, the principle is the same. The main thing is that the air conditioner does not blow on people who rest or deal with their business in one place. If you decide to limit yourself to one internal block for saving reasons, first consider the bedroom. Another approach is the installation of a powerful unit in the largest room. In this case, the rest of the premises receive indirect cooling.


An option with one air conditioning in the hall is also entitled to life, especially if it does not have a passage room. Only keep in mind that many climate sellers deny this approach in principle, as they seek to implement as many split systems as possible, without bothering with a difficult installation.


Determine how many internal blocks will fit into your budget, and then decide where it is best to install a lone air conditioning or a couple of split systems in a two-room apartment. Options for the installation of more than one unit allow to provision of the optimal microclimate in different rooms but are more expensive both at the stage of purchase and installation and in the process of further operation.


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