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Where in the room is the best place to install the air conditioner

Depending on the purpose of the room, the installation location may vary. When choosing an installation location, if possible, find 2-3 options, and then choose the best one.


In the bedroom


Afternoon or night sleep under the air conditioner are a typical cause of colds. Cool air should not get on the bed, especially the part that is closer to the headboard. Also, the air conditioner should not be installed in the bedroom where there is a wardrobe below. The distance to the top of the furniture should be at least 27.5 inches. Otherwise, the cold air will partially hit the wardrobe lid and be reflected upwards. The split system sensor will signal that the room is sufficiently cooled, and the unit will turn off early. That is, it will operate in the wrong mode.

In the bedroom, the air conditioner is usually installed on a wall without a window. It’s easier to choose a suitable location since the space under the ceiling is not occupied by a translucent structure and curtains. Also, do not discount the location above the door. Do not forget that the closer the indoor unit is installed to the outer wall, the shorter the distance to the outdoor unit. It is easier to drive freon along short routes for the unit. In addition, it is easier to arrange drainage at a short distance.


In the living room


After considering the options for the bedroom, it is easier to figure out where to hang the new air conditioner in the living room. The room where you usually spend your leisure time is usually furnished with upholstered furniture. People relax after work by watching TV or PlayStation. There should be no cold air flow where they sit. The choice of installation location is also limited by tall furniture. It can be, for example, a wall. You cannot hang the split system above it. 

Suitable installation locations often include a place above upholstered furniture. If the distance from it to the opposite wall is about 3-4 meters, this is a good option. If the distance is less, the reflected air will cause discomfort.


In the kitchen


Installation in the kitchen will pay off if the family loves to cook, bake cakes to order, etc. Cooling appliances are usually hung when there is enough space. 

If there is nowhere to turn around in the room, a split system is hardly appropriate, since it should not blow the place of cooking and eating. In a kitchen with an area of 12-15 “squares”, this can be achieved. Only a kitchen set consisting of many cabinets can interfere.


There are usually not many correct answers to where to place a kitchen air conditioner. After all, the kitchen is a well-furnished room in any case. It has cabinets, an extractor hood, a table with chairs, and so on. The hood, by the way, must be present, otherwise, you cannot count on the long-term operation of the split system. In any case, prepare to clean the indoor unit twice as often as in living rooms.


How to place the outdoor air conditioner unit correctly


No approvals are required to install climate control equipment in a room. The situation with an outdoor unit is different. If an apartment building belongs to the “cultural” heritage, its facade cannot be spoiled by air conditioners. At best, they will allow you to hang the outdoor unit on the side of the building facing the courtyard.


An unsuccessful option would be a place near the crowns of trees, as in this case, autumn leaves can get into the indoor unit. The minimum distance from the antennas is 3 meters. People who live on the ground floor should protect the air conditioner with bars, otherwise, it can be removed by thieves. In some cases, the unit is protected by a visor from icicles from the roof.


The outdoor unit is sometimes hung on a balcony or loggia. Advantages of this option: easy access to the unit, no approvals. Disadvantage: in summer, the equipment generates heat, and it is already hot on the balcony.


Where you can’t install air conditioning


When it comes to an indoor unit, the restrictions apply to places from which it will blow on a sleeping person, someone sitting at the TV, or having lunch. Where else can’t you install an air conditioner? Above a boiler or other heating device, in locations from which the airflow cannot disperse freely. Places that do not comply with the installation rules are also prohibited.


Finally, it is worth mentioning an option that allows you to save money on installing two air conditioners in an apartment. It will be cheaper to install an advanced multi-split system consisting of one outdoor and two indoor units. Each room will be able to set its own temperature. In addition to savings on equipment purchases and maintenance, the advantages include a more modest facade appearance. Thieves may be interested in a house hung with climate control equipment.


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