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Window conditioner: what it is, how it works

The window type of air conditioner has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Naturally, it has been significantly modernized since this period. What are similar climate devices today, what options do they have? Everything you need to know about monoblock windows is in this article.


What is a window air conditioner?


A compact and relatively inexpensive type of climate technology. It is a monobloc, i.e. all elements in one body, in contrast to the usual split systems consisting of 2 parts (internal and external).


Most often, the structure has the shape of a rectangle. Blinds are located on the front panel, responsible for the direction of air masses, as well as control buttons. The back of the device has special holes for heat removal.


The window unit perfectly copes with the main purpose of the air conditioner – cooling the air in the room. The availability of additional options depends on the model and manufacturer. It can be: lowering the humidity level, ventilation, heating air masses, etc.


The so-called “window unit” refers to domestic climate devices, because its power varies between 1-8 kW.


When using window air conditioners


You will need such a monoblock if you need to cool/heat the air in one specific room.


Depending on the set of functions, it can be used in the hot season, off-season and in winter, with a slight minus outside the window.


Window air conditioners will be an excellent option for:


at home – for example, install an appliance in the kitchen;

office – perfectly copes with stuffiness and heat in working premises;

trade pavilions – you can choose a unit with a humidity control function.


Window models are in demand for installation in the state. institutions, cottages, country houses, dormitories and other places where an inexpensive climate device is needed.


The device and principle of operation of the window air conditioner

The outer shell of the monoblock is most often made of metal, the front side of the blinds is made of plastic. But it all depends on the specific model and manufacturer.


What exactly is inside the “window”:


evaporator – here the working chemical element changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state;

condenser – freon is transformed from a gas into a liquid;

fans – are responsible for exchanging heat with the outside air;

filter – prevents street dust, fluff and other impurities from entering the apartment;

compressor – compresses freon and pushes it along the refrigeration circuit.


Also, air-conditioning equipment could not do without an electronics unit (not in all models), a throttling device and tubes along which the working chemical element – freon – moves.


With the main components of climate technology, everything is clear. It’s time to find out how a window air conditioner works?


It’s simple: the window conditioner takes air from the room, mixing a small amount (≈ 10%) from the outside environment.


What happens inside the monoblock:


The refrigerant enters the condenser, where it turns into a liquid phase.


The compressor compresses freon and transfers it to the throttle to raise the pressure.


The refrigerant moves to the evaporator, where it turns into a gas and emits cold.


The air flow from one of the fans directs this cold into the room.


The gas refrigerant enters the condenser again, and the cycle repeats again.


As a result, cooled air enters the room, cleaned of dust, pollen and other harmful impurities.


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