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Why the air conditioner leaks: 5 sources of the problem and ways to solve it

When it drips from the air conditioner, the wallpaper, plastering, and furniture do not overflow. We too, especially when there is no clear understanding of why this is happening. But we know for sure that troubleshooting will cost a pittance. Won’t fly away? We will analyze it!!


Where does the water in the air conditioner come from?


The air conditioner cools the air too quickly. And where there is a temperature difference, condensation is inevitable. The manufacturers provided a special system for its removal outside the premises. Therefore, the owners of this device are alarmed if they see a puddle in the room.


Don’t panic! This does not always mean breaking. In some cases, you can handle it yourself. The reason for this may be a violation of the installation technique and other factors that we have to deal with.


Water dripping from the indoor unit of the air conditioner: common reasons why this happens


– Garbage often gets into the drainage hole, and wasps and other insects fly in. Clogging is formed. If not cleaned, it depends, silt appears, then clogging. And it is after this that we see a sad picture: the water is not discharged to the street, but gradually drains away.


– It happens that the flow occurs due to leakage of the drainage. Or a crack has formed in the tray where the water flows, which is difficult to see with the naked eye. This is the weak point of the split system.


– Problems with the internal unit are not uncommon. For example, if the problem with the current starts immediately after installation, it means that the installation was faulty. Perhaps the specialist does not have enough experience. You should not be ashamed of such a situation, even if the work has already been accepted by the master. It is worth requesting a guarantee, and it is better to contact the specialists at the company service center. The requirements for the qualifications of craftsmen are higher there, they deal only with a certain brand of equipment.


There are also non-obvious reasons why the air conditioner began to leak water. You should also know about them.


Clogged or damaged drain pipes


If this is the case, the internal unit of the air conditioner is dripping – it is immediately noticeable. Sometimes it pours out in a thin stream, sometimes droplets appear, and this is not immediately noticed.


How to clean the drain yourself?


If there is confidence that you can assemble the disassembled air conditioner in the exact opposite sequence, then it makes sense to get to work. To be safe, it is better to take a picture as it was, and then compare how it turned out.


  1. Turn off the air conditioner from the socket and remove the cover of the indoor unit.
  2. Remove coarse cleaning filters, and wash them well, you can even use liquid soap. They dry.
  3. Remove the pallet, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Clean the drainage hole. It is convenient to blow out the drain tube with a vacuum cleaner. Or they do it with a syringe, charging it with liquid for cleaning the air conditioner.
  5. Clean the evaporator with a brush or steam cleaner.


It would be nice to treat dried parts with chlorhexidine. It disinfects well and destroys most microorganisms, including fungi. Next, it is necessary to reassemble what was disassembled.


Incorrect installation


The problem is due to the wrong slope of the route for drainage. The slope may be too small to prevent water from dripping from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The solution is obvious: reinstall the tubes, but this time in the correct position.


Freon leak


  1. Pipe rolling was performed in bad faith


Since freon leakage usually occurs within a month in such cases, at the first signs of malfunction of the device, it is rational to contact the service center to fill it with freon.


  1. Poorly soldered connections


Refill the air conditioner, this can be done by the service department. If the tubes are defective, they will be replaced.


Not all owners of air conditioners know that there is a concept of regulatory freon leakage. It is 6-8% per year. It is not a malfunction.


Clogged evaporator filters


One of the most common reasons why air conditioner leaks. It is enough to remove the upper panel and externally assess the condition of the filters. Dirty ones are cleaned with a damp cloth made of a soft cloth. If the air conditioner works regularly, it is better to refresh them once every 1-1.5 months.


Damage to the drainage tray


Such a problem occurs with the careless installation of climate technology. At first, it may be imperceptible. Therefore, the flow is slow but true. Then you can’t do without replacing the pallet.


Water is dripping from the external unit of the air conditioner: when to sound the alarm?


Sometimes leakage of the external unit is considered self-evident and requires intervention. The air conditioner may drip if it runs for too long. This applies to both ventilation and heating. But in any case, the condensate should not flow inside the room, only outside, through the drainage pipe. If it disturbs the neighbors, you should move it a little to one side.


If a drain hose is installed and is leaking heavily, it may be clogged. Under the normal conditions of the drainage system, water drips periodically. If there is a continuous stream, then a detailed diagnosis is needed to find out the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible. Otherwise, due to constant dampness, mosquitoes and midges will breed and fly inside the drainage hole. Hence the consequences.


What should be done first when water flows from the air conditioner?


If a leak was noticed, first of all, the air conditioner is turned off, and the drain and filters are cleaned. If it did not help, then contact the specialists from the service center. They’re – from where the masters were called to install the conder, or to the manufacturer’s service center.


Masters easily determine whether the fault is the fault of the user. Cleaning of all parts of the device is usually done annually – in the spring, before starting use. In addition to diagnostics and prevention, the freon pressure is checked, so the risks of air conditioner leaks are minimized.


  Don’t wait for your air conditioner to fail. If not repaired promptly, there is a very high probability that a lengthy comprehensive repair will be required. Even a few days without air conditioning in the summer heat in San Diego County, California, will greatly discomfort the whole family. But by calling the handypersons at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning, you can avoid this problem.


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