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Air conditioning with air purification and humidification

Air conditioners today are capable of not only maintaining the required temperature but also controlling a number of other important parameters. Let’s talk about such a useful feature as the ability to humidify and purify the air.


The need for humidification


To make a person feel comfortable indoors, it is necessary to maintain the parameters required by sanitary and hygienic standards. First of all, the body reacts to changes in temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. A lack of moisture is also harmful and affects well-being, as is excessive heat and cold, or polluted indoor air. When the humidity drops below the normal range of 40-60%, a person begins to feel unwell and uncomfortable. The mucous membranes dry out, which increases the risk of developing viral infections. In addition, a decrease in humidity negatively affects indoor plants and furniture.


When operating a standard air conditioner, for example, CH-S09XP7, air masses circulate in a confined space. In addition, the unit removes water from the air stream during operation: according to statistics, on average, 10 to 12 liters of life-giving moisture is lost from the conditioned air per day. All this worsens the sanitary and hygienic characteristics of the air and reduces the level of comfort.


The presence of a humidification function changes the situation. An air conditioner with a humidification function eliminates the above problems, and the ability to purify the air with multi-level filtration refreshes it, giving a person a pleasant feeling from the device.


What is a humidified air conditioner?


A humidifier has the ability to increase the relative humidity in a room. Such a climate device ensures uniform humidification throughout the space. Accordingly, comfortable air humidity is normalized and maintained.


The device of air conditioners with humidification


Humidification is achieved in three ways, which determine the design features of the system. Accordingly, an air conditioner with a humidification function is available in the following types:


  1. Equipped with a steam generator. A conventional split system gets an additional function.
  2. With the included source of ultrasonic waves in a special chamber and a hydrostat for smooth adjustment.
  3. With a humidifying element built into the outdoor unit with the possibility of supplying outside air and its subsequent transfer in a condensed state to the room.


Of course, the cost of such devices with the same other parameters is higher than that of others.


How it works


Let’s take a look at how humidification occurs in each case, and find out how the unit purifies the air.


Humidification of the air

As it has already become clear, humidification is achieved in three different ways:


The presence of a steam generator is the easiest option to make up for the loss of moisture. Water is heated by two electrodes, and steam is released, which mixes with the incoming air masses.


Ultrasonic humidification works like this: a source located in a special chamber emits high-frequency waves. Water under the influence of vibrations turns into something similar to fog, which the dried air encounters. Passing through the fog, dry air masses receive moisture, which is evenly distributed by the flow. The water is constantly replenished by condensation that flows into the drainage system. The hydrostat built into the system provides flexibility and smooth humidification control.


A humidification element is built into the outdoor component of the split system. Such wall-mounted air conditioners with humidification are capable of receiving water from the outside, which is condensed from the outdoor unit and delivered to the room. The air masses are saturated with water droplets. The performance of the unit depends on the amount of liquid supplied. There is no need for a water tank to regularly refill with life-giving moisture, which is more convenient than with standard household humidifiers.


Air purification


Today, modern units (such as the CH-S12FTXN-NG) are equipped with comprehensive solutions designed for general air purification and highly specialized purposes. The task is solved with the help of 2 types of filters, which provide coarse and fine purification, respectively. Different models are equipped with different filtration media. Some simply capture dust, dirt, and pet hair, while others destroy odors, bacteria, and even viruses.


The coarse filter protects against large debris (over 2 microns). It is located behind the air intake grille. In fact, it is a reusable plastic mesh with small cells. It is periodically removed, washed, dried, and returned to its place.


Fine filters, like the CH-S12FTXD, are available in different types and materials. They can trap different types of dirt and dust. They are designed to deal with:


– dust, pet hair, skin particles;

– unpleasant odors

– plant pollen;

– Viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants;

– Toxic emissions.


By installing several different filters, you can improve the level of cleaning, but this will affect the cost of the product. Such an air conditioner with air purification and humidification will cost more.


An air conditioner with air purification and humidification functions is not only about maintaining a comfortable room temperature but also about taking care of the health and well-being of the people inside. Automatic increase of relative humidity to normal parameters along with high-quality purification guarantee freshness and safety of the air.


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