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The difference between an air conditioner and a split system

A split system and an air conditioner are both types of climate control equipment. They are necessary to perform the same functions and have a similar principle of operation. Considering the many options for cooling devices, it is worth figuring out which is better: a split system or an air conditioner.


The main difference lies in the structure of the equipment. Monoblock devices consist of one unit, and split systems consist of TWO parts. Thus, a split system is a type of air conditioner. For example, ZACS-09 HPF/A17/N1 consists of 2 units. At the same time, monoblock air conditioners are adapted for installation in windows or have mobile variations.


Window air conditioners come in different capacities, but in any case, it is enough to constantly maintain a comfortable temperature environment in the room. Another advantage of window monoblocks is the absence of connections in freon tubes, which makes freon leakage impossible.


When wondering what is better: a mobile air conditioner or a split system, it is important to reveal all the features of mobile equipment.


The main advantage of mobile air conditioners is that they do not require installation at all. There is no need to drill through walls or change windows to operate a mobile device. It is enough to connect the monoblock to the mains and attach a flexible duct to the window. This type of air conditioner is especially relevant for those who live in a rented house.


In addition, the monoblock can be taken with you to the country due to its lightweight and compact size.


What to choose?


Choosing the right air conditioner is an individual decision for everyone. All air conditioners prevent the development of bacteria in the house, filter the air and eliminate excessive humidity. The following indicators should influence the choice of an air conditioner:


– noise level and power;

– the possibility of free placement;

– remote control;

– availability of filters and condensers.


The type of room also affects the choice of air conditioner. Only properly selected climate control equipment can effectively cope with the task of cooling the air in an apartment, large residential building, office, or warehouse.


It is worth adding that any equipment requires maintenance. Filter replacement is sometimes required for any type of cooling equipment. Otherwise, the development of bacteria on the walls of the air conditioner is inevitable, which can be signaled by a runny nose or frequent headaches.


It is impossible to say for sure which is better: a split system or an air conditioner. It all depends on personal preferences and needs. Each type of equipment has its own set of advantages, so choosing the best model is a task that requires time and knowledge. The types of air conditioners and the features of their operation will help you find your own option, but the choice is up to the user.


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