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Every local in Lakeside, CA, is in an all time require of an air conditioner caused the combination of the regular hot temperatures no matter it is Santa Ana winds or monsoonal moisture settles in for the next few months. In this conditions a reliable AC company is a must to have on your speed-dial becase any malfunction of your air conditioning system will quickly turn into a frustrating trouble for you and your family followed with discomfrot. A preventative maintenance visit with regular intervals will make your air conditioner operate always at maximum efficiency all year long, simply allow SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning to be of assistance.

OUR SERVICESRepairs & Maintenance

Whether you want to update your current A/C or install new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.

A non operating AC unit is definitely not an issue you would like to experience during an inland Southern California summer. Though Lakeside is not located in the desert, but still temperatures here in the the summertime are high enough to make a broken air conditioner a real challange for you and your family. Contact us for the AC repair service immediately when you are already having trouble with an existing system or noticed some prior to brake down signs like:


Sometimes it appears more reasonable just to say good bye to your old AC and quit spending time and funds on its constant repairs. This is where you are going to need replacement and most likely this this is not project you are ready to carry out yourself. System like central, mini-split as well as various others require a professional hand to be replaced and installed. If you want any type of the system at your home be clean and secure, operating at maximum efficiency, thereby lowering your energy costs than the best way to reach it is let our AC company do it. Our many years of experience and thousands completed installations of various air conditioning systems guarantee you are going to obtain a perfect new AC system which will match any of your home cooling needs.

Everyone wants to be sure their AC system works good and does not fail. To achieve this simply have our specialists make sure that the filters are not clogged, ducts stay clean, and the entire system is in good condition, prevention is always better than a cure. There are multiple small maintenance items like regular filter replacement which you can run yourself, but more complicated matters are sure not a good option to be completed without professional skills and tools. We are your best choice to carry out any duty from dust cleaning out to entire AC system replacement.

Make sure your home is an oasis of comfort and coolness – contact SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning for help and find out what makes us the #1 AC contractor all around Lakeside.
Our team also offers a high range of heating systems services which will let you and your home stay in comfortable conditions during any season


You noticed your AC unit leaking, making weird noise or operating not as usual? Whatever the trouble is be sure our professional team will find a solution to it on spot.

You are in search to upgrade your current air conditioning system with a modern, more efficient one? Our specialty is performing any kind and any difficulty replacements for our clients.

Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid an issue with your AC system during hot summer. Whatever AC you are operating, keep up the maintenance or employ experts to do it by calling us.