Ductwork Installation and Repair

Redesigning, replacing and zoning the climate system is a popular service these days. Call the professionals at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning, you won’t regret the quality of your service.

The ventilation system is the main component of a healthy microclimate of any room. Nowadays, the service of installation and repair of ductwork in both residential and commercial premises is in rather high demand. Not everyone will take on the redesign, replacement and zoning issues of the climate system. But it’s even harder to find true professionals. That’s not the case with SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professionals have been professionally performing Ductwork Installation and Repair for over 20 years.

Properly functioning ductwork provides the right indoor climate, a comfortable working environment, and reduces the concentration of harmful substances. If you’re noticing a change in your indoor climate, don’t wait too long to call Ductwork Installation and Repair. Timely conducted work to improve the air in the room – is the key to your health.

Our company will help to organize ventilation in any building – residential, commercial or industrial, in enterprises of the service sector and catering. Properly carried out Ductwork Installation and Repair – this is reliability and a healthy microclimate of the premises. 

With many years of experience in Ductwork Installation and Repair, we know what points to pay special attention to and where the weak points of the ductwork system are.

Multiple crews can work simultaneously on a large job, led by technicians with years of Ductwork Installation and Repair experience, to speed up installation.

How we work

Design and expertise

Ductwork Installation and Repair specialists diagnose and upgrade your existing ventilation system. If necessary, we will replace outdated ductwork components with new ones, pre-checking their effective conductivity.

Ongoing training and continuing education of Ductwork Installation and Repair technicians allow us to use modern technology in our work.

Assembly and installation

Well-coordinated work of Ductwork Installation and Repair specialists will save you from negative opinions and worries about the terms of the project. Responsible and decent teams of installers are equipped with professional tools. We work only with original accessories. We always follow the etiquette, agreement and maintain cleanliness at the sites.

Service and consultation

Warranty and post-warranty support. We perform scheduled maintenance and ductwork cleaning in a timely manner. And if necessary we carry out Ductwork Installation and Repair. 

Basic rules for ductwork

Our experts carry out Ductwork Installation and Repair in strict accordance with the existing project and all standards. At the same time, we strictly observe the following requirements:

  • Before we begin work, we always check the possibility of laying ductwork along a given route.
  • We carefully make sure that during Ductwork Installation and Repair along the entire route there are no deflections. They lead to a drop in pressure in the pipeline and, as a consequence, an increase in electricity costs and increased wear and tear of the active equipment.
  • We ground the assembled duct so that no static charge accumulates on its surface.
  • Connect the duct sections in accordance with the standard fixing system to ensure spiral air movement. 
  • Installation of ductwork shall be performed with utmost care to avoid damage to the duct surface and especially to the joints. In places of passages through walls and ceilings, we lay protective metal sleeves.
  • Follow the rules of the organization of the bends of the route: avoid sharp turns, the radius of curvature should be at least twice the diameter of the ductwork.

SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning offers our customers on-site measuring visits to take measurements and obtain correct data for further processing of the application. We perform the most complex and the unusual Ductwork Installation and Repair and approach it to all standards. For us, the quality of work always comes first!

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