Furnace Company

When the weather outside is nice and the temperature is hovering around 100 degrees, it can be tempting to ignore a furnace problem. Southern California winters are typically mild enough that you’ll only need to worry about your furnace if it stops working properly or if the weather turns cold. Southern California winters might not see many drastically low temperatures, however the inland areas, like Lakeside, CA, can see overnight temperatures drop into the 40s, 30s and even below freezing. This means that you’re going to need a trusted furnace company on your side.

SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning proudly started providing heating and air conditioning services to residents of Lakeside, CA, and surrounding communities since 2016. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are EPA-certified as the premier furnace contactor make us the premier choice for your heating repair needs. We treat every customer as if they were a member of the family, because we believe that’s what makes for exceptional customer care.

We do more than just provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services to our customers in the San Diego area. We also offer a variety of other services to help keep your home or business running smoothly and warm during the winter or cool throughout the summer, rely on our team to get your heating system running again. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with quality service, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Contact us today for more information!


When your heating system starts to show signs of breaking down, you may be tempted to ignore it and hope that the problem goes away or gets better on its own. But don’t run the risk of having your system break down completely while you’re at work or out of town. When you need furnace repair services, contact our licensed heating contractor for fast dispatch of highly skilled technicians. We offer comprehensive furnace services — from repairs to maintenance and even installation of new furnaces.


Many people in Lakeside, especially those who live in the outskirts of the city, may have an aging furnace. The average lifespan of a furnace is around 10 years, typically begin to lose their effectiveness after the time and can become much more prone to issues after that time period has passed. As soon as they hit that decade mark, you will find yourself spending much more money on repairs and maintenance than if you had simply replaced the old unit when it reached that point. It’s important to have your furnace replaced before it begins to break down. Because the last thing you want is for your family to be sitting in a home that’s too cold, but also doesn’t have working heat. Our team provide a wide range of furnace services, including the installation of top-of-the-line furnaces at great prices for our customers and are always keep your home or business comfortable year-round.


When you’re searching for a heating and air conditioning company in San Diego County, we know you have options. When it comes to your home comfort needs, there are many factors to consider. To make sure that your HVAC system is properly installed and maintained so that it runs efficiently and reliably throughout the year, you’ll want to hire a contractor that can meet all of your needs.

The truth is, we’re not like all the other HVAC companies in San Diego.

We’re proud of our reputation for doing the job right the first time. We know that in today’s world, you want an HVAC company you can trust to provide prompt and courteous service while delivering honest, efficient results. Whether you need a full-service installation or just need your system serviced and maintained, our certified technicians are ready to take care of all of your needs. When you need a company that’s fast and reliable, you can count on us. That’s what makes us the right choice. Local area homeowners trust us to provide them with superior service. We’re always improving, always learning, always looking for new opportunities to grow and always offering the most valuable solutions for your home. That’s why we work incredibly hard every single day to offer the most valuable, customer-focused service possible.