Furnace and Heating

Furnaces and heaters, like any other heating equipment, fail at the wrong time. It is not safe to repair such complex systems yourself. If the device stops heating the air in the room, does not turn on, or you notice some other problems, then immediately turn off the heater and contact the SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning for Heating Repair & Service.

Repair of Furnaces and Heaters: Stages of Work

Our service center offers Furnace Installation, repair, and maintenance in apartments, private homes, and offices. We will diagnose the heaters, fix leaks in the heating system, and give an opinion on the state of the system as a whole. Here you can order maintenance of the heating system one-time or conclude an agreement for the regular maintenance of furnaces.

If your heater breaks down, any repair work begins with equipment diagnostics, which allows us to correctly understand the cause of the breakdown and determine the faulty element. If visual inspection is insufficient, the furnace must be dismantled. To speed up the provision of services, our technicians carry out urgent diagnostics right on the spot. To do this, specialists always have with them all the necessary equipment and a complete set of tools.

Furnace Repair and Service, depending on the type of malfunction, is divided into several types:

  • small (without disassembly of equipment); 
  • medium complexity (partial disassembly); 
  • complex (complete disassembly with checking of each wire and block, as well as with the replacement of parts).

After the cause is determined, the failed components are replaced with original spare parts. Repair of heaters and furnaces is completed by checking the serviceability of the restored equipment.

Main Malfunctions of Furnaces

Practice shows that the most common heater malfunctions are associated with a breakdown of the thermal fuse, control unit, thermal relay, heating element, bimetallic plate, plug, or cord, and oil or water leakage resulting from improper operation of the equipment.

Furnace failures can also be caused by:

  • Incorrect installation of the furnace in violation of technical instructions.
  • Placing the device close to the outlet on an uneven and wet surface.
  • Turning on the heater in a damp room.
  • Violation of the vertical position of the unit.
  • Covering the radiator with some kind of fabric product.

To avoid damage after repair, use the heater strictly following the operating instructions. At the end of the repair, the technician, having eliminated the malfunction, will advise on the correct use of the equipment.

Professional Heaters Repair

Turning to our service center for the repair of gas furnaces, flame sensors, and heat pumps, you get an honest performance by professionals and the supply of equipment with guaranteed licensed spare parts, which we purchase directly from manufacturers. Specialists promptly go to the specified address with a full set of tools and spare parts, which in most cases allows us to make repairs on the spot on the day of the call.

SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning undertakes Heating Installation and repair regardless of the brand of equipment and the causes of malfunctions, followed by transportation (if necessary) of the equipment to the workshop. Reasonable prices for services, reliability, responsibility, and long-term warranty are principles of our work, for which our numerous customers choose us. Call us right now to use the services of professionals.

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Heating Repair

If your heating system is broken, seek professional services from our specialists.

We start repairing any heating system with diagnostics. This will allow us to accurately determine the breakdown and its possible causes. We always offer the best solutions for Heating Repair. The technician starts repairing the heating system only after agreeing on the details and cost with the client.

Heating Maintenance

Even if you have installed a new heating system, you should take care of regular maintenance of the equipment.

Furnaces and heaters are complex equipment that is difficult to disable. The main condition for trouble-free operation is regular maintenance and timely Heating Repair. During the maintenance procedure, our technician will check the functionality of the system and replace worn parts if necessary.


How to Choose the Right Heating System for an Apartment

Among the wide variety of heating systems on the market, it is very easy to get confused. Please contact our specialists for help. We will help you choose the right equipment, taking into account the size of your apartment, the features of the building, and the budget. We will do our best to provide warmth in your home, regardless of the weather outside.
Which heating system is right for my apartment?

The heating system is a complex equipment that has many characteristics. Taking into account all these characteristics and your budget, we can choose the most suitable heating system for your apartment. Our technicians will consider all the nuances related to the size of the premises so that the installed heating system will provide comfort and coziness to all members of your family.

How much does it cost to install a new heating system?

The cost of a heating system installation depends on many factors, so it is very difficult to determine the price right away. We can only give an approximate cost, which will be adjusted according to the complexity of the installation. We value each of our clients, so we always offer the best prices for the installation and Heating Repair.

My heater doesn’t turn on. What to do?

If your heater does not turn on, check the electrical connection before calling a technician. If everything is in order, but the heater still does work, our specialist will come within a few hours after sending a request. The technician will arrive at the specified address with a full set of all the necessary tools, spare parts, and consumables. After conducting diagnostics on modern equipment, the specialist will offer the best option to repair your furnace.

How much does a Heating Repair cost?

The cost of repairing a heating system depends on the brand, the complexity of the breakdown, the need to replace worn parts, and the ease of access to the furnace. Our technician will determine the exact cost of the Heating Repair after diagnostics using professional equipment. We always offer the best prices for repair services, as you can see for yourself by contacting us.

Why do you need heating system maintenance?

Maintenance of heating systems is necessary to ensure their smooth operation and increase service life. The heating system maintenance involves checking the performance of all components and mechanisms using special equipment. If necessary, the technician will replace worn parts, as well as make minor Heating Repairs. This will help to avoid unexpected serious breakdowns and maintain the furnace performance at a high level.


Cleaning of All Types of Heaters and Furnaces

To keep heaters and furnaces running smoothly, regular cleaning is essential.

During operation, the heating system is heavily contaminated. Contaminants can accumulate in different parts depending on the type of equipment. Our experienced technicians know the features of heating systems from different brands. Therefore, experts will clean your heater as efficiently as possible and offer options on how to extend its uninterrupted operation.

Replacement of Worn Parts in Heaters

If your heating system breaks down, call our technician who will arrive at the specified address on the day of the call.

We repair all existing heating systems from all brands. Our experienced technicians take on breakdowns of any complexity and successfully eliminate them. For Heating Repair, we use only original spare parts and consumables. This allows us to guarantee high quality and the best result in a very short time.