Annual Inspections

The Air Conditioning system is a set of equipment designed to create certain parameters of the microclimate inside the premises. It maintains them at a given level automatically. Air Conditioners are installed in apartments, houses, offices, shopping centers, industrial, and other facilities. Like other equipment, they need regular Air Conditioning Repair and Service. You can entrust the maintenance of Air Conditioning to SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning ​​specialists.

Frequency of Inspections 

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair and Service are carried out at regular intervals. It depends on the type of facility where the equipment is installed and how often it is used. Continuously running systems should be inspected more frequently.

The frequency of inspection and maintenance of heating and Air Conditioning systems is:

  • Once a year for Air Conditioners that are used periodically. Such requirements are usually imposed on systems installed in residential buildings and apartments.
  • 1 time in 3 months for Air Conditioners operating continuously. With the same frequency, systems installed in offices and other premises with a large crowd of people (or equipment) are inspected.
  • Once a month in shopping centers, clubs, server rooms, and industrial premises.

Attention! Replacement of filters or their cleaning should be carried out more often, once a month, regardless of the recommended frequency.

Why Do You Need a Planned Annual Inspection

Even if your Air Conditioner is working without problems, observing the frequency of annual checks will allow you to:

  • Save on the replacement of spare parts and Air Conditioner and Furnace Repair and Service. Timely maintenance of equipment prolongs its service life by 1.5–2 times. Therefore, you will less often need to pay for the purchase of spare parts, services for the dismantling, and installation of equipment.
  • Maintain or improve system efficiency. Every year, Air Conditioners lose up to 8-10% of freon. If you do not make up for its losses, air quality decreases. It also results in a 25% increase in electricity bills.
  • Good employee productivity. Clean, moderately humid, and oxygenated air at a temperature of 72°F reduces fatigue, improves memory, and concentration, and increases the body’s resistance to infections. All this has a positive effect on the productivity of office employees.
  • Condition assessment, scheduled maintenance, and repair of the Air Conditioning system are also necessary to comply with the technical regulations on safety. Violation of its requirements threatens the company with the payment of a large fine.

When is an Unscheduled Inspection Needed?

Inspection, as well as repair of air conditioning and Heating systems, are required more often if there are clear signs that the equipment has failed. It is worth conducting an unscheduled inspection if:

  • The strength of the outgoing airflow has decreased.
  • The Air Conditioner began to work louder than usual.
  • The equipment began to cool the air worse.
  • Condensation began to flow.
  • There was an unpleasant smell inside the premises.

After inspection of the Air Conditioner, possible problems will be eliminated. If the test shows that the equipment is working properly, it may be necessary to inspect and repair the ventilation system in the room.

Maintenance and repair of heating systems, as well as Air Conditioners, include the following types of work:

  • System diagnostics. During it, an engineer and technical worker conduct a visual inspection and fix the mechanical damage. Then he checks the power supply, the operation of indicators, and various modes and compares the air parameters with those indicated in the equipment passport. Diagnostics also include checking for freon leaks and examining the drainage system.
  • Air Conditioner cleaning. This includes cleaning the case and front panel, washing the outdoor unit, and removing dust and poplar fluff. In addition, cleaning and disinfection of heat exchangers and filters are carried out.
  • Topping up the Air Conditioner with refrigerant. It is carried out if the volume of freon is reduced by 8-10%.
  • Repair of heating and Air Conditioning systems. It is needed only when breakdowns and complete failure of individual elements are detected.

The standard scheduled annual maintenance includes only system diagnostics and equipment cleaning. These services take approximately 1 hour. If malfunctions are found, Air Conditioning Repair and Service may be needed. To clarify all your questions about the annual check of the Air Conditioning system, please contact SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning specialists for a free consultation by phone or leave a request on the website.

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Annual A/C Inspection

To avoid the need for urgent Air Conditioning Repair as a result of its unexpected breakdown, use the annual A/C inspection services.

The annual inspection of Air Conditioners and heating systems allows you to constantly maintain climate systems in working order. During the inspection of the system with the help of special equipment, technicians will detect even the smallest malfunctions in the initial stages and quickly eliminate them, as well as replace worn parts if necessary.

Timely A/C Repairs

Heating and Air Conditioning systems are complex equipment that needs regular maintenance and periodic repairs.

Even if you notice minor malfunctions in the Air Conditioner operation, you should immediately call an Air Conditioner repair technician. Don’t wait until the A/C is completely out of order. Minor Air Conditioning Repair will cost much less than major repairs with the need to replace parts.

How to Order Annual A/C Inspection

To use the annual Air Conditioner inspection service, call us or leave a request on the website at any convenient time.
Why do you need an annual A/C inspection?

The Air Conditioner is a complex piece of equipment, consisting of many mechanisms and systems. Even if the A/C continues to operate, the presence of minor breakdowns leads to accelerated wear of expensive parts. As a result, the Air Conditioner suddenly breaks down and you have to change such important parts as, for example, the compressor. An annual inspection will help to avoid such problems, as our technicians will find and fix malfunctions in the initial stages.

What is included in the annual A/C inspection?

The annual Air Conditioner inspection service includes checking the performance of all mechanisms and systems. Technicians also check the amount of freon and make additional refilling if necessary. If there is a malfunction, we will make a professional Air Conditioning Repair. An annual inspection will always keep the climate system in working order.

Why did the new Air Conditioner break down?

The Air Conditioner can break down at any time, even if it is still brand new. Malfunctions can occur due to improper installation, manufacturing defects, and untimely repairs. To avoid serious breakdowns and the need for expensive Air Conditioning Repair, it is enough to use the annual inspection services once a year. Like this, you will always keep the Air Conditioner in working order, as our technicians will fix the breakdowns in the initial stages, preventing the Air Conditioner from failing.

Is it enough to maintain the A/C once a year?

The frequency of Air Conditioner maintenance depends on the mode in which you use it. If you use the Air Conditioner only in the summer season, that is, no more than six months, then it will be enough to call a technician for Air Conditioner maintenance once a year. It is better to do this at the beginning of the season to check the operability of all components and mechanisms before starting intensive work. If you use Air Conditioning all year round and the climate system works both for cooling and heating, to ensure the smooth operation of the system and avoid the need for urgent Air Conditioning Repair, call a technician twice a year.

Where to order an annual A/C inspection?

If you need an annual Air Conditioner or heater inspection service, please contact our company. Our technicians with many years of experience know the features of all heaters and Air Conditioners from popular brands. Contact us by phone or leave a request on the website to call a technician for an annual inspection at a convenient time for you.

A/C Maintenance

Any Air Conditioner needs regular maintenance, which should be carried out at least once a year.

The Air Conditioner maintenance services involve a complete check of all mechanisms and systems operability. If necessary, our technicians will make Air Conditioning Repairs and replace worn parts. This will ensure its long-term uninterrupted operation and avoid serious breakdowns.

Urgent A/C Repair

If your Air Conditioner suddenly breaks down and does not turn on at all, you may need an urgent repair service provided by our company's specialists.

First, check the electrical connection. If the Air Conditioner is connected, but still does not work, you take advantage of the urgent Air Conditioning Repair service. You won’t have to suffer from the heat, as our technician will arrive within two hours of your call. In most cases, we repair breakdowns of any complexity right on the spot on the day of the call.