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If you need heating repair and installation in Encinitas, CA, please contact SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning. Our specialists use professional tools and equipment, and original consumables. We always offer our customers the best solutions and affordable prices. For our professionalism, we have received numerous positive reviews from the residents of Encinitas and Google Guarantee users.

Installation of a heating system in a private house or apartment is a very important condition for ensuring comfort and coziness. A comfortable temperature balance in all rooms and a pleasant atmosphere depend on the right choice and high-quality installation of the heating system.

With the beginning of the heating season, heating repair in Encinitas is one of the most popular services. Both owners of private houses and residents of apartments are faced with various breakdowns in heating systems. For example, the heater does not heat the room to the required temperature or it makes strange sounds. If you need an urgent repair of the heating system in Encinitas, SDAC ​​specialists are ready to come on the same day. In most cases, our masters can repair breakdowns of any complexity on the spot.

Stages of work on the repair of heating systems:

  • Primary examination and diagnostics of heating system. The specialist will identify all existing damage and determine deviations from the specified parameters.
  • The shutdown of the heating system and dismantling of damaged elements. To eliminate the leak, it is necessary to change damaged sections of the pipeline and radiators, as well as connecting fittings.
  • Installing new components. We offer customers original spare parts from manufacturers at competitive prices, which can significantly reduce repair costs. If necessary, air pockets are identified and removed.
  • Launch and test the restored system. The technician will make sure that everything works without deviations. The client is provided with a long-term guarantee after the repair.

To avoid serious breakdowns, we recommend the heating maintenance service that our company provides at Encinitas. The system should be maintained at least once a year to eliminate minor faults and prolong the life of the system. We also offer free advice on the repairs and installation of furnaces in Encinitas. Contact us to get answers to your questions and call the technician to diagnose the heating system.

Enjoy fresh cool air inside your home during hot summers, and forget about high cost energy bills with our AC efficiently working.
Make your place always cozy and comfortable, make sure you can always rely on your heating system with no worries.

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What A/C is right for me?

Every single room or entire building has to be properly examined before any AC system installation. The choice of a correct matching to your individual needs AC system is something we will help you to start with. Our specialists will make sure you remain satisfied with it for long years and a wide variety of our offers will give a strong ground to stand on during the entire project.

What A/C add-ons do I need?

Progress is never staying at one point and we are glad to offer multiple useful and pleasant additions to your existing AC system. Today’s technology will help your HVAC to be no longer old fashioned. Enjoy running your system through a WiFi thermostat simply through your smartphone no matter where you are right now, at work, shopping or on your way home. We are also glad to offer a wealth of air purification systems, that make air in your home even cleaner and of course we can not forget about safety measures with the help of high-tech compressor start kits and condensate safety switches. Simply call us for details!

When can I get my heating system service?

You may not be needing your heater on during most part of the year. But you should always be prepared for cold autumn nights as well as have no worries that your system will give you a failure during the cold period. For this reason we are here to offer a high quality heating system maintenance, installation and repair all year long no matter winter or summer. Schedule it now and avoid any issues with warmth in your home in future.