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We have over 20 years of experience serving customers, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.

SDAC Heating and Air Conditioning is a local team of experienced professionals who have been providing quality heating repair and installation in National City, CA at affordable prices since 2007. Contact us for any services you need:

  • Installation of heating systems in National City, CA. Our experts will select the most suitable equipment according to the characteristics of your apartment, taking into account your budget. We will provide professional installation of heating systems, following all safety requirements.
  • Heating repair in National City, CA. Even the most reliable equipment can fail over time. But our masters will quickly restore the efficiency of your heating system. Our specialists have professional equipment and sets of tools. We always have original spare parts and consumables in our stocks. This allows our technicians to do prompt repairs of heating systems on-site.
  • Maintenance of heating systems in National City, CA. We recommend calling the technician at least once a year to check the heating system and eliminate minor breakdowns. This will significantly extend the service life and let you avoid serious damage and unexpected breakdowns.

Installation, repairs, and maintenance of heating systems is a service that is in high demand in National City, CA. Even despite the warm winters, it will be very difficult to do without a properly functioning heating system. That is why it makes sense to initially turn to professionals for any issues related to the heating system.

We not only provide quality services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating systems but also offer the best prices in the city. The cost of repair depends on the complexity of the breakdown, the need to replace parts, and the brand of equipment. Before proceeding with the repair, our technician will diagnose the heating system to determine the breakdown. We always offer the best solutions for the repair of heating systems. If the heater is too old or the breakdown is very serious and costly, our technician will also tell you about it. In such cases, it is better to decide to install a new heating system than to constantly repair the old one.

We are ready to advise you free of charge at a convenient time for you. Call us or leave a request on the official website to get answers to all questions about the repairs and installation of furnaces in National City, CA.

Enjoy fresh cool air inside your home during hot summers, and forget about high cost energy bills with our AC efficiently working.
Make your place always cozy and comfortable, make sure you can always rely on your heating system with no worries.

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Whether you want to upgrade your existing HVAC Systems or install new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.
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What A/C is right for me?

Every single room or entire building has to be properly examined before any AC system installation. The choice of a correct matching to your individual needs AC system is something we will help you to start with. Our specialists will make sure you remain satisfied with it for long years and a wide variety of our offers will give a strong ground to stand on during the entire project.

What A/C add-ons do I need?

Progress is never staying at one point and we are glad to offer multiple useful and pleasant additions to your existing AC system. Today’s technology will help your HVAC to be no longer old fashioned. Enjoy running your system through a WiFi thermostat simply through your smartphone no matter where you are right now, at work, shopping or on your way home. We are also glad to offer a wealth of air purification systems, that make air in your home even cleaner and of course we can not forget about safety measures with the help of high-tech compressor start kits and condensate safety switches. Simply call us for details!

When can I get my heating system service?

You may not be needing your heater on during most part of the year. But you should always be prepared for cold autumn nights as well as have no worries that your system will give you a failure during the cold period. For this reason we are here to offer a high quality heating system maintenance, installation and repair all year long no matter winter or summer. Schedule it now and avoid any issues with warmth in your home in future.