Hillcrest Heating and Cooling

We have over 20 years of experience serving customers, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.

Hillcrest Heating and Cooling

Each of us knows the importance of heating and cooling systems not by hearsay, but from personal experience. Any failure in our climate is keenly felt. And the first thing that comes to our mind is who to turn to for full advice and support in this matter. SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning is the right company to help you solve all your heating and cooling problems in your home or facility. Our technicians regularly perform repairs and inspect the efficiency of your Hillcrest Heating and Cooling system.

HVAC, heating, and cooling equipment are diagnosed and repaired promptly and with a quality guarantee. Hillcrest Heating and Cooling repairs and maintenance we do on-site. 

This greatly simplifies and speeds up the entire work process. At the same time, the quality of our work does not suffer. If necessary, we will consult on the technical features of components and assemblies.

Longevity and reliability of the HVAC system, gas boiler, furnace, air conditioner or air purifier lies in their proper selection, installation and compliance with operating conditions. As well as regular, qualified service for Heating and Cooling equipment in Hillcrest, CA.

Service package provided by SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning

Our service center not only performs routine repairs and maintenance, but also a range of the following services:

  • Technical audits of installed equipment and energy efficiency audits of equipment. Our goal is to select and establish the optimal operation of the heating, cooling and ventilation system in your home. 
  • Consultation during the modernization, renovation or installation of new Hillcrest Heating and Cooling systems. 
  • Comprehensive heating, cooling and ventilation system repairs. It does not matter to us the type or year of manufacture of your equipment. We understand the equipment installed in the last century and the modern innovations.
  • Service acceptance of all home and industrial equipment with strict compliance with the control scheme.
  • Advising customers on the operation of installed equipment, Heating and Cooling in Hillcrest, CA.
  • Preparing equipment for commissioning (supervising installation, alignment-tuning-start-up-testing operating parameters).

Scheduled maintenance and service helps identify problems before they occur, avoiding unpleasant and often very expensive breakdowns. It is especially important for industrial areas, where the equipment is more complex and consists of many parts and devices. Thus, it is possible to plan timely delivery of necessary spare parts, maintenance date and necessary additional equipment.

Commissioning of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

You have decided to reconstruct your climate system to optimize and improve its efficiency. It is very important to entrust this process to the real professionals of Hillcrest Heating and Cooling. Who will carry out the dismantling of the old and installation of new equipment. Will choose a system suitable individually to your conditions and requirements.

Our specialist will not commission the unit and will not issue a warranty until they have tested the entire system. An integral stage of a climate systems device is commissioning.

The main tasks of the starting-up and adjustment of the climate systems:

  • Checking compliance of the system parameters with the design data and normative indicators according to the standards.
  • Carrying out aerodynamic measurements with specialized equipment.
  • Detection of defects in air ducts sealing, water collectors and other communications of the system.
  • Testing the equipment in various modes while simulating possible accidents.
  • Adjustment of the equipment in order to establish the design parameters.
  • Issuing appropriate documentation and warranty for the Heating and Cooling in Hillcrest, CA.

So, commissioning is a must when starting up new systems and retrofitting old ones. We and the customer are equally interested in this. 

When you entrust your heating, cooling and ventilation system to SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning, you can have peace of mind. It’s in safe and professional hands. Every job we do is insured and backed by a quality guarantee and will serve you well for years to come.  We respond to your requests as quickly as possible. All you have to do is call us and within an hour, our Hillcrest Heating and Cooling specialist will be at your location. With us, you’ll save yourself from potential HVAC and heating system malfunctions!