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Air conditioning and heating equipment need proper care to avoid breakdowns. For troubleshooting, you can contact our company, SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. To prevent similar problems, experts from La Jolla Heating and Cooling advise regular maintenance of the air conditioner, which can significantly prolong its lifespan.

The main types of air conditioner failures include

Delayed cold/heat mode switching

It is caused by the need to change the direction of Freon flow to the other side, which is done after the pressure is equalized, in order to avoid breakdown of the compressor. La Jolla Heating and Cooling technicians will fix this problem.

Dirty indoor unit air filters

Clean the filters every 2-3 weeks or more if there’s a lot of dust or soot. If you don’t clean the filters, the air blowing speed will decrease, and the room temperature will change slowly.

In addition, there will be a disturbance in the operation of the cooling system, which can provoke freezing of the copper pipes. The masters at Heating and Cooling in La Jolla, CA will service your equipment.

Dirty air conditioner indoor unit fan

Poor cooling or heating of a building\room with an air conditioner has all the chances to happen because of a solid amount of dust buildup on the impeller of the indoor air conditioner unit. We have qualified La Jolla Heating and Cooling technicians who will fix this problem.

To ensure reliable air conditioning operation, it is important to have your equipment serviced by a trusted company like Heating and Cooling in La Jolla, CA. Most breakdowns reported to our company’s service center are caused by improper use of the devices.

Many of the problems can be solved by our specialists, but there are cases when the device is completely unusable if customers are not addressed in time to solve problems.

Individual heating is a complex of equipment that is responsible for an important component of comfort – heat. That is why it is important to provide quality service of heating systems in a private house or apartment, as well as in production, in the office. Only professionals from La Jolla Heating and Cooling can be entrusted with this task. 

Common Issues in HVAC Piping and the Importance of Professional Attention – Heating and Cooling in La Jolla, CA

Due to improper mounting, there may be a narrowing of the cross-sectional area of the pipes. This occurs when you cut in branches, using a pipe with a long thread, which, when deployed in a tee overlaps the cross-section of the pipe, metal swells in places where pipes are welded, foreign objects in the assembly of pipes. Valves of different types have a certain direction of flow of the coolant, which is shown on the body of the valve with an arrow. 

Passage of water in the opposite direction leads to damage to the valve and reduces the area of the flow cross-section. And, of course, failure to comply with the calculated slope of the pipeline. This point should never be overlooked. This situation will require the help of the professionals at Heating and Cooling in La Jolla, CA.

Leakage of system elements (pipes, joints, twisting, welding, etc.) leads to coolant leakage, which, if not corrected in time, can cause an emergency situation and lead to large financial expenses for its elimination. In the pipelines leakage occurs due to corrosion of the pipes, causing destruction of metal, formation of through holes (fistulas) and pipe fractures.

Corrosion of pipes increases with prolonged use, especially if the system is not flushed. Corrosion also increases if the system is filled with tap water (containing a lot of oxygen), frequent emptying of the system, which introduces air oxygen into it.

As the heating equipment is used, it can fail. It must function continuously and without failure during the heating season. This means that the right solution is to have the unit diagnosed before the heating season at SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning by an experienced technician. Keep in mind that unqualified repairs of heating equipment can lead to performance degradation. Our La Jolla Heating and Cooling technicians can identify the source of the problem.