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In any house construction, heating and cooling heat leakage occurs to a large extent through the walls. The quantitative indicator depends on the material and thickness of the structure, the presence of cracks in it. But on average the walls leak a lot of heat when heating and cooling rooms in the summer. You can contact our company SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning for advice on this issue. For a quick solution to this issue, our company provides quality Santee Heating and Cooling.

There are many materials on the market today that are suitable for insulating your home’s walls from the outside. But the most widespread are just a few types: basalt wool, glass wool, mineral wool and others.

In general, a simple plastering is also able to reduce the thermal conductivity of the wall. But the effectiveness of this method is much lower compared to the installation of a special layer of insulation. In addition, plastering work requires a special skill.

Insulation of the walls of a wooden house from the outside can be performed with any of the above materials. To do this, a double frame is mounted, the first level of which is designed for insulation, and on the second level the cladding is attached. Between the two layers must be left air gap, at the expense of which provides ventilation to the wall with insulation. Our company has qualified masters in Santee Heating and Cooling who will help with the choice of material.

Optimal Insulation Solutions: Expert Advice from Santee Heating and Cooling

Sometimes it is necessary to lay insulation in several layers. In this case, the overall performance of the “pie” will be the sum of the individual values of each layer. Including the material from which the walls themselves are made. 

The calculations also involve the climatic characteristics of the region. The insulation of the walls of the house outside for the northern regions will be different. If you contact our company, our experts in Heating and Cooling in Santee, CA will help make a calculation on the thickness of the insulation.

Due to its high physical and performance characteristics, variety of types, and affordability of the material for all categories of citizens, exterior insulation is widely used in the construction of individual, industrial, and civil buildings. Our experts at Santee Heating and Cooling can help with this issue.

Beat the Heat: Reliable Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Santee

When cooling a room in summer, air conditioning has become such an integral part of everyday life that we sometimes do not notice its work. Only unexpected climate discomfort in the apartment informs about the breakage of such an important device. It is quite possible that the air conditioner was not cleaned for a long time, and this is one of the most common causes of failure. It is best to contact the trusted professionals at Heating and Cooling in Santee, CA right away for service.

The most common problem that air conditioner owners may encounter in the summertime is a refrigerant leak. There is only one solution to this situation – you need a diagnosis of the cause of the leak, repairing the breakdown, topping up, and additional service. If you do not have the skills and knowledge, it is better to call Santee Heating and Cooling specialists, who will properly charge the air conditioner.

When installing climate control equipment, there can be a clear defect and it can manifest itself in the form of a broken freon tube. In the shortest amount of time for equipment with a similar flaw, irreversible sad consequences can ensue. We have Heating and Cooling in Santee, CA specialists who will solve this problem when you contact us.

Air conditioning repairs are among the services provided by our company, SDAC Heating & Air Conditioning. The main air conditioner breakdowns that users turn to our company’s service center with are related specifically to illiterate service. Many of the problems can be fixed by Santee Heating and Cooling technicians, but there are also cases where the unit becomes completely unusable if customers do not contact us in time to solve the problems.